Production Equipment

EM Bakery Equipment services a large array of equipment requirements for the end user. With extensive distribution networks, equipment needs are met quickly and cost effectively. Below is a glance into our production equipment selection.

Reversible Sheeters

Two variations are applicable with table top and floor model selections. Floor model sheeters also available in full stainless steel construction for demanding work environments.

Sheeters / Moulders


A large selection of moulders from bun manufacturing to pannini, to long table moulders suited for high bread production.

Overhead Proofers, Systems & Plants

Bread & Bun production systems to meet most baking requirements. Different size and versatility configurations available.

Bread Dividers

EM offers a range of dividers for any production scale. Volumetric dividers for medium to large bakeries and industrial production line configurations. Also offering hydraulic dividers in a selection of features for artisan bakeries and instore formats. Save a lot of time and labour in the division of dough and baking products.

Bun Divider Rounders

3 quality models to choose from. This presents many production options for bun manufacturing, overhead bun lines also available.

Make Up Line

EM works with leading manufacturers to provide versatile make up lines for any size of bakery, from mini make up tables to high speed laminating lines. Smaller make up lines are very versatile with the ability to clip and unclip tooling stations / filling stations, add stations and remove them. These stations can also be repositioned anywhere on the table based on product produced, from turnovers to sausage rolls, to cinnamon buns for example.

Automatic Group – Bun and Roll Machines