Our oven selection is a strong aspect of our business. We work closely with quality manufacturers to offer our clients the most reliable ovens on the market. All ovens utilize advanced technological features and innovative designs to constantly perform at superior levels. Quality of bake is the premier focus as well as user compatibility and energy efficiency.

Rack Oven

High efficiency rack ovens, using state of the art controls to service a large variety of baking products. All stainless steel construction, excellent thermal exchange and powerful steam system are some major benefits offered. Extremely short recovery time helps increase production and minimize delay. Computer control holds 99 product program selections.

Deck Oven

A broad selection of deck ovens to suit our clients needs. Ovens available in electric, natural gas, propane gas, and oil. Size, number of decks and configuration with loaders available upon request.

Gas Deck Ovens

Electric Deck Ovens

Modular Electric Deck Ovens

Convection Ovens

The Ramalhos Group is a large manufacturer of convection ovens, deck ovens and rotating rack ovens. Over 51 years of experience with an international presence. The new line of Turbo Ram, Turbo Ram XL ovens centered on baking is well proven technology based on top advancements of previous models. Reliability, excellent even baking, strong steam and ease of use are hallmarks of this brand.

Bassanina also an international leader in oven design and manufacturing provides mini rack and deck oven combinations in its strong profile allowing flexibility and baking efficiency to smaller operations. Top reliability, an excellent bake and steam development is also standard with this brand.

Rotating Convection oven