Supporting North America with reputable quality baking equipment. Our supply is large, including deck ovens, rack ovens, pizza ovens, spiral mixers, planetary mixers, laminating lines, retarder proofers, hydraulic dividers, and production equipment. Featuring quality brands such as Bassanina, Esmach, Cuppone, Vitella, Trima, Teknostamap, STM, Belshaw Adamatic, Panem, Bongard and many more. Let us be your expert guides in equipping your production needs.

Baking Equipment Supply and Service Specialists

Established in 1982, EM Bakery Equipment B.C. Ltd. will soon be entering its 39th year of operation. A family directed organization with extensive experience in supplying a wide range of high quality baking equipment products. EM serves a variety of applications including product sales and machine servicing of artisan bakeries, factory producers, institutional organizations, and supermarket chains.

Our baking equipment selection represents quality machinery produced by quality manufacturers with decades of combined experience in the baking industry. This coupled with our own market experience provides our clients with modern dependable machinery backed by solid and productive organizational support.

Baking Quality Everyday

Our oven selection is a strong aspect of our business. We work closely with quality manufacturers to offer our clients the most reliable ovens on the market. All ovens utilize advanced technological features and innovative designs to constantly perform at superior levels. Quality of bake is the premier focus as well as user compatibility and energy efficiency.

Bassanina Oven

Pizza is Life

EM Bakery Equipment is now extensively supporting the Pizza Industry. A natural addition to our long-term knowledge and support of the baking industry. We also have deep experience in make up equipment and ovens. Let us support your Pizza production with quality equipment and service support.

Our refurbished products are thoroughly cleaned, inspected and tuned up for nearly good-as-new service! Look through our listings and get in touch for some fantastic deals on equipment of all sorts.

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EM Bakery Equipment is now extensively supporting the Pizza industry. A natural addition to our long-term knowledge and support of

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We carry a wide array of loaders for multiple manufactures and deck oven requirements. We can accommodate any deck oven

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