NEW IGTV Series! Behind the Bake

We’re launching Behind the Bake! A new IGTV series that talks to bakers big and small about the business behind their famous bakes. Find out how they grow their business, develop new products, adjust to shifting trends, and more! Follow us on Instagram to watch!

Episode One: Behind the Bake with Ed Tatton of BReD

Guest: Ed Tatton from BReD in Whistler BC 

When: July 20, 2020, at 9 am PST  

Where: Instagram Live stream. Follow us at @EMBakeryEquipment

What we’ll cover:

In just 2 short years, BReD has grown from a small pre-order Facebook business selling sourdough to a popular Whistler bakery. Owner, Ed Tatton joins us to share his unique insights into selling baked goods on Facebook, renting kitchen space to grow his business and more secrets including:

  • How to take the next step, when to rent a kitchen, and when to open a storefront
  • How he chose a winning location for his bakery and what you should look for when selecting yours
  • How selling through Facebook gave him market insight and confidence to open a physical location
  • The one piece of advice he wishes he had gotten sooner

About Ed

Ed Tatton is an animal rights advocate, professional baker and co-owner with his wife of BReD. A 100% plant-based, organic sourdough café/bakery in Whistler, BC, Canada.

Ed has a fine-dining background and has worked in high-end kitchens in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, as well as Canada, but now specializes in making organic sourdough. He has been making sourdough for over 10 years, and leads a small bakery team at BReD, making and baking naturally-leavened sourdough breads, including country loaves, 100% rye sourdough, baguettes, pizza dough, flatbreads, cinnamon buns and other sweet small baked goods. This is all prepared in-house and baked fresh every morning. Be sure to follow Ed on Instagram and learn more about BReD or order online.

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