‘EM Bakery Equipment B.C. Ltd. purchases Nicholson Equipment’s entire Parts Department, some various machinery and supplies.’

With the closing of Nicholson Bakery Equipment, EM Bakery Equipment has purchased the entire spare parts department, some various machinery and supplies.

If you require parts and service for Nicholson Revolving Tray Ovens, Proofers, and Nicholson Rack Ovens, please contact us. We have their entire standard, OEM, and specialty spare parts for these products as well as many others including:

Kemper, Rondo, Aberhardt, Erika Record, Miwe, Mono, Thunderbird, Acme, ChanMag, Belshaw, Hobart, Oliver, Bloemhof, Dynasty, Reed Ovens, Cinelli, and many others.

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